Me:   Knock, knock.

Hal:   Who’s there?

Me:    It’s Juré.

Hal:   Juré who?

Me:    Juré Fiorillo.

Hal:   Author of Great Bastards of History and co-author of the True Stories of Law & Order series?

Me:    You’ve read my books?

Hal:  Negative. But Dave has. I saw him moving his lips as he read the words.

Me:    Oh. Is Dave here?

Hal:  He’s floating around somewhere.

Me:    Well, can you open the door?

Hal:   I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Me:    What’s the problem?

Hal:   I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

Me:    Actually, I’ve no idea.

Hal:   We just don’t have the room. All those letters and vowels, you know.

Me:    Oh?

Hal:   It’s cramped on board. I mean, that is a very long name. And then there’s the issue of the accent aigu.

Me:   …

Hal:   You could try again.

Me:   …

Hal:   I wouldn’t stop you from trying.

Me:    Knock, knock.

Hal:  Who’s there?

Me:    It’s Fio.

Hal:   Well in that case, come right in!

(opens door)